Soil Test Probes

Buying a soil test probe is one of the best ways to quickly and easily determine the soil composition of your home lawn or garden. Soil test probes directly measure soil content through insertion of the probe into the soil, requiring no added liquid, powder, or cleanup. These probes are simple and effective, making them a popular choice for gardeners and landscapers.

We’ve selected the top 10 soil test probe choices based on recommendations and reviews, as well as affordability and pricing.

1) MoonCity 3 in 1 Soil Test Probe

Providing accurate measurement of light, moisture, pH, and element levels, the MoonCity soil test probe requires no battery or electricity. This tool is compact and portable, making it ideal for those who need fast measurements of soil composition to control pH and determine lighting conditions for plant growth.

2) MacDoDo 3 in 1 Soil Test Probe

The MacDoDo 3 in 1 soil test probe helps you effectively grow your plants both indoors and outdoors, changing lighting conditions as necessary. An accurate and simple to use soil test probe, this unit requires only that you slide it into the soil and get your measurement quickly. Rated highly by users.

3) Generic 3 in 1 Digital Tester

The Generic 3 in 1 tester is great for garden plants, allowing for simple readings of light and pH levels. When measuring soil composition, this unit makes it easy with its user-friendly mechanism and scale readings. One of the most affordable soil test probes.

4) Foneso 3 in 1 Test Probe

A 3 in 1 soil test probe that is easy to read and use, this unit requires no battery. You only need to push it into the soil to test every type of composition available. Providing compact use for outdoor, indoor, or other use, this unit also tells you the best lighting conditions for growing plants, flowers, and other types of foliage.

5) Bluelab Soil Test Probe

The Bluelab Soil pH probe is a highly accurate measurement of soil acidity. Including an auger for soil piercing, the unit also comes with a cable joint that is waterproof and simple to clean, as well as a full-quality BNC connection and 2m cable. Best for users who need very accurate readings or have a slightly higher budget.

6) Dr. Meter Soil Test Probe

The Dr. Meter probe is an elegant and useful moisture meter and pH tester for garden and home soil areas. Providing a 9V battery in its package, this probe also comes with glowing LED enhancements for easy night readings. A best seller among Amazon users, the 4 in 1 Dr. Meter soil test probe also comes with a full year warranty and money back guarantee.

7) Sun Port 3 in 1 Test Probe

The Sun Port meter measures soil light, pH and moisture to determine how best to grow your plants at home. It will inform you exactly how to control acidity levels, when to water plants, and how much light you need. Rated highly by Amazon users.

8) Luster Leaf 1845 Rapitest Soil Test Probe

A fully-digital soil test probe, this unit allows for simple measurement of soil levels using a digital readout. Monitoring plant conditions is simple with the Luster Leaf 1845. Using Rapitest technology, this display will tell you precisely when to adjust soil conditions for best growth.

9) Hanna Instruments Soil Test probe

The Hanna Instruments probe is a highly-accurate, scientifically-measurable soil tester that displays readings for temperature and moisture levels as well as soil conditions. Includes batteries and screwdriver for calibration.

10) GeneralTools DSM500 Soil Test Probe

Measuring a range of 0 to 50%, this unit is designed to measure soil moisture content as well as element ratings and light level. The probe is a heavy 8 inch style device, providing IP65 waterproofing. With an extremely short sampling time, this is a great probe for home users seeking a slightly more accurate device, as well as professionals who need a scientifically-based probe for consultations.

Buying a Soil Test Probe

Measuring soil acidity is an important part of making sure your garden is as healthy as possible. When buying a soil test probe for accurate readings and simplicity of use, it’s important to make sure that you get a good model. Soil test probes have a few important factors such as lifespan, battery requirements, and the design of the probe itself. You’ll want to look for a device that is durable, dependable, accurate, and that provides readings of light, moisture, and acidity levels.


Before seeking out a soil test probe, first determine the pH range for your garden. This will help narrow down your choices in terms of the best model. As you go up in pricing and features, you’ll receive more benefit from the soil test probe you choose. However, you may not need as many features as are offered for a specific probe type. For example, if you simply need to measure light levels and alkalinity, a basic model under $20 will work, while highly accurate readings may require a model that is upwards of $50.

Buying Tips

When looking for a soil test probe for home or professional use, look for probes that are simple to use and robust enough to provide a thorough reading. Most brands will inform you of accuracy levels, the probe diameter and depth, and other factors that help to determine soil readings. If you only need a basic probe for reading acidity and moisture, it’s best to look for a probe that provides corrosion resistance with nickel plating, as these kits are highly durable, being treated with highly precise heating. Additionally, look for augers and probe boring mechanisms to ensure that you can quickly drill down into compacted soil.

Top Brands

The most highly rated brands for soil test probes include Dr. Meter, Generic, Bluelab, and SunPort. Luster Leaf is also a highly reputable company for obtaining soil test kits, though their digital and electronic probes tend to be better on the whole than their probe-style kits. Look for highly-rated soil test probes on Amazon based on reviews and user feedback when selecting a kit to determine which brand is right for you. Bluelab kits tend to be pricier, while SunPort provides affordability, accuracy, and durability for under $30.