NPK Soil Test Kits

Offering reliability, accuracy, and fast results, NPK soil test kits are some of the best home garden testers available. At affordable prices generally below $20, NPK soil testers determine the amount of nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus contained in your soil. Additionally, most NPK soil testers also have comparators for soil acidity as well. Here are some of the top NPK soil test kits on Amazon.

1) Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest

Including comparators for NPK as well as pH, this Rapitest model is one of the best soil test kits for newbies and experienced gardeners alike. The kit includes easy to use comparators that are based on color charts, allowing you to quickly determine soil conditions.

2) LaMotte NPK Soil Test Kit

Using the 100% satisfaction guarantee offered through the Caroline Pledge, the LaMotte NPK soil tester provides a full soil test kit that you can quickly return if for any reason you are not completely satisfied. Including some of the best scientific testing equipment around, this soil tester is easy to use and extremely accurate.

3) Generic 3 in 1 Digital Soil Tester

Including a 3 in 1 multifunction meter, the Generic digital tester tests NPK as well as light and PH levels. This tester is easy to take readings and quickly determine moisture and light levels.

4) Environmental Concepts 3 in 1 NPK Soil Tester

Including full scientific accuracy, the Environmental Concepts tester quickly determines pH, moisture, light, and of course NPK levels as part of its full offerings. With no electricity or battery required, this tester is one of the easiest to read, simply needing to be pushed into the soil.

5) Rapitest 1818 Mini NPK Soil Tester

Ready to use and needing no batteries or external power, the Rapitest 1818 is a simple soil tester and moisture meter that lets you see plant and soil conditions, NPK levels, and soil alkalinity. There are 4 testing modes to easily switch from, helping determine how best to alter your plants’ growing conditions.

NPK Soil Test Kit Review

Finding the best soil test kit for NPK testing requires doing a bit of research. There are plenty of great models out there, including the Lamotte Tester, the Luster Leaf brand, and the Environmental Concepts tester. Helping to determine wastage, plant nutrient uptake and how best to plan for successful gardening endeavors, the NPK soil test kit will help you quickly measure your soil. In our findings, we determined that the Lamotte Tester was the best soil test kit, with Rapitest coming in second and Environmental Concepts coming in third. The Lamotte was repeatedly most accurate, while the Luster Leaf was very close, and slightly cheaper.

NPK Water Test Kit

Figuring out the NPK levels of your soil is very important. Sometimes a water test kit works best. For water test kits, you can try the Lamotte SciEd Insta Test Water Kit, as well as the Seachem Test Kits which are some of the best testers available.

NPK Fertilizer Test Kit

For NPK fertilizer test kits, the Luster Leaf brand came in first, generally offering the best accuracy for fertilizer soil, phosphorus, pH, and nitrogen levels. Additionally, these kits offered accurate potash ratings as well.

NPK Test Strips

Again, Lamotte comes in first in terms of highest ratings for NPK test strips. The Lamotte brand offers Insta Test Copper and Iron Strips, as well as the Insta Test nitrate tester kit that uses strips as its main measurement unit. Test strips will help you best determine the amount of potash, nitrogen, and phosphorus in your soil in a simple, clean method.

NPK Soil Analysis

Determining your soil’s element levels is a vital part of figuring out how best to grow various types of plants. The NPK soil analysis kit you choose should include readings for phosphorus, potassium, hydrogen, and nitrogen, as well as organic matter and pH levels. By determining these factors, you will be able to determine soil fertility, water and light needed, and the current moisture levels of your soil. Typically, home NPK tests are now just as accurate as actual lab tests, while also being significantly cheaper. The best brands for NPK soil analysis include Luster Leaf (specifically the Rapitest kits); Lamotte brand water testers and test strip kits, and the Environmental Concepts testers, available through Amazon or directly at the company website.