Electronic Soil Tester

Electronic soil test kits can be an excellent way of determining the composition of your lawn or garden soil. Using an electronic tester, you can determine how best to plant flowers, shrubs, tress, or even vegetables and fruits in your yard. Electronic kits have some benefits over tube and color-coded methods, as they are easier to read and generally easier to reuse over a longer period of time. They are also simple to set up, requiring no added water or powders. As a way of getting an accurate soil reading for home lawn or garden areas, electronic testers are an excellent method. You won’t need to send away a soil sample to a lab, and can get a decent reading for an affordable price.

Here are some of the best electronic soil test kits available.

1) Environmental Concepts PF7 Electronic Tester

Environmental Concepts PF7 Electronic Tester

Providing readings for fertility and soil pH levels, the Environmental Concepts electronic soil tester helps to prevent under fertilization of foliage using a special tri-probe system that gives better readings. Including helpful and detailed instructions, the unit is ready to be used upon first opening and remains calibrated for its lifetime.

Check it out: http://www.forestsoils.org/EnvironmentalConceptsPF7Tester

2) GinTai 4 in 1 Electronic Soil Tester

GinTai 4 in 1 Electronic Soil Tester

The GinTai 4 in 1 tester helps to quickly read levels of sunlight, moisture, pH, temperature, and nutrients within the soil’s makeup. Using an LCD large lettered screen, it’s easy to see soil readings even in the dead of night. Includes nine different measures of sunlight.

Check it out: http://www.forestsoils.org/GinTaiElectronicSoilTester

3) Dr. GoodLiving Electronic Soil Tester

Dr. GoodLiving Electronic Soil Tester

The Dr. GoodLiving soil tester provides a three way meter and free soil chart as part of its package. No need to use batteries with this unit, which simply requires that you push it into the soil to get a full reading. This meter helps you figure out pH, soil moisture, and light levels in a matter of seconds.

Check it out: http://www.forestsoils.org/DrGoodLivingSoilTester

4) Luster Leaf Standard Digital Soil Test Kit

Luster Leaf Standard Digital Soil Test Kit

The Luster Leaf digital standard soil kit is an excellent beginner test kit for users needing full soil readings. Including a guideline booklet that tells you how to grow more than 450 different species of plant according to soil pH levels, this guide also includes potash, phosphorus, and nitrogen information for fertilization best results.

Check it out: http://www.forestsoils.org/LusterLeafStandardKit

5) Control Wizard Electronic Tester

Control Wizard Electronic Tester

The Control Wizard tester has a twelve inch probe to let you easily delve deep into various soil areas and determine multiple depth readings. With a special ground field earth effect, this unit takes readings without needing batteries or calibration. Includes a cleaning pad and full 1 year warranty.

Check it out:

6) GigaMax Digital Soil Tester

GigaMax Digital Soil Tester

The GigaMax 3 in 1 tester provides all soil value readings including moisture, light, and pH for easy readings. You can quickly get an accurate soil measurement using this simple digital meter.

Check it out:

7) EWX Digital Pen Type Electronic Soil Tester

EWX Digital Pen Type Electronic Soil Tester

Featuring a special pen style, the EXW Digital soil tester includes pH readings for all types of soil at extremely accurate levels. Including a pH meter, button cell batteries, a screwdriver, and a full instructional guide, the unit helps to provide durable and accurate results.

Check it out:

8) EverTrust 3 in 1 Electronic Tester

EverTrust 3 in 1 Electronic Tester

Providing three different readings that tell you critical information about the health of your soil, the EverTrust 3 in 1 gives you full measurement of each type of soil reading. This unit requires no battery and has a long warranty. Comes highly rated by users.

Check it out:

9) XLUX T10 Soil Tester

XLUX T10 Soil Tester

The XLUX digital soil tester needs no batteries and is simple one of the easiest units to quickly read using a basic, simple electronic color coded display. Showing moisture, pH levels, and other important elements such as P, K, and N levels, this unit is affordable and highly rated by users. Provides a design for both outdoor and indoor use.

Check it out: http://www.forestsoils.org/XLUXT10SoilTester

10) Luster Leaf 1880 Electronic 4 Way Test Kit

Luster Leaf 1880 Electronic 4 Way Test Kit

An ideal electronic tester for any type of soil, the Luster Leaf 1880 analyzer helps to determine pH, sunlight, moisture, and additional soil information such as N, P, K, and other elements. The Luster Leaf brand comes highly recommended by Amazon users and has provided functional, user-friendly soil testers for years.

Check it out: http://www.forestsoils.org/LusterLeaf1880TestKit

Buying an Electronic Soil Tester

Choosing an electronic soil tester is a great way to ensure you get easily readable results. Unlike other types of soil testers, electronic versions do not require that you add water or powder to a tube in order to get full readings of soil levels such as pH and element levels. As a convenient way of quickly getting an accurate reading, pH soil meters in their electronic form are quickly becoming popular amongst landscapers and gardeners.

Things to Consider

There are numerous different pH and soil meters available for those seeking an electronic model. Usually they include a metallic probe you can place right into the soil. Before choosing a model, you should first consider brand reputation, soil value accuracy, multifunction capability, and whether or not you will need to use batteries with the unit. Also, you should be sure to research brands that do not require extensive experience or prior knowledge of soil testing function before using.

Top Brands

Some of the top brands of electronic soil testers include Luster Leaf, MacDoDo, Environmental Concepts, EverTrust, and Dr. Meter. Many of the best electronic brands are backed by solid user reviews of Amazon or other shopping websites, where you can compare feedback ratings to make a decision. Luster Leaf consistently provides the best soil accuracy for electronic testing results and has a slight edge on the competition due to its impeccable reputation for results and customer service.

Average Cost

The average cost of an electronic soil test kit ranges anywhere from $12.99-$50 or $60. Some models even require that you pay more for added features and accuracy, but in general you won’t need more than the ability to measure soil acidity and light, moisture, and nutrient levels. You should also make sure the model you choose lets you get an immediate accurate readout and includes a chart or reading scale to inform you how to best interpret your results. Most standard models are priced around $20, and will get you everything you need to do a quick and efficient home soil test.