Soil Testing Equipment

The top 10 soil testing equipment products available include a number of soil test kits, moisture readers, and alkalinity testers. Each of these products is designed to help you get the best reading possible on your home soil conditions, allowing you to quickly make adjustments for optimal plant growth. Thanks to the ability to quickly determine levels of alkalinity, phosphorus, nitrogen, and potash within the soil, it is now easy to figure out exactly how best to implement new fertilizers or watering techniques to ensure your home growing area is as vibrant as possible.

Here are 10 of the best soil testing equipment products we have tested for our review.

1) GinTai 4 in 1 Soil Monitor, PH Tester, and Sunlight Monitor

Including readings for sunlight, soil conditions, and moisture/temperature levels, the GinTai soil moisture meter is an excellent tool for figuring how best to grow a wide range of foliage. Measuring 5 levels of moisture, 12 levels of pH, and 9 levels of sunlight, the tool also includes a quick auto power off for easy functionality and measurements.

2) MacDoDo 4 in 1 Soil Testing Kit

Including the ability to test indoor and outdoor conditions, this tool lets you test alkalinity, element content, soil moisture, and also temperature of soil. Using a special LED for enhanced night vision, the tool includes a compact and simple design that is also extremely accurate.

3) Beyoung Soil Detector

Using a special moisture and pH detection system, this unit is extremely accurate and helps promote the lifespan of plants using a simple probe plug mechanism. Rated highly by Amazon users and fans of the product.

4) MoonCity pH Tester

Including scientific accuracy, a three way digital reader, and a moisture controlling measurement, the MoonCity tester is an excellent addition to your arsenal of soil testing equipment. Provides pH and light levels. One of the simplest testers to use, this is one of the most highly rated multifunction testers available for all levels of experience.

5) Environmental Concepts 1663 Soil Test Kit

Including a comprehensive booklet with instructions for plant growth as well as simple, accurate soil tests, the Environmental Concepts tester includes eighty different tests for under $30. This is an excellent price considering the test is one of the most accurate available. Taking tests on any kind of soil is made easy with the test kit, which provides more than eighty different tests under a number of different conditions.

6) Luster Leaf 4 Way Rapitest Analyzer

With the ability to tell you soil moisture, fertility, pH, and sunlight, the 4 way analyzer from Luster Leaf is engineered and manufactured within the USA. It includes 3 steel probes to quickly determine soil conditions.

7) Rapitest 1601 Soil Test Kit

Including 4 different color modules for N, P, K, and PH levels, the Luster Leaf 1601 is one of the most popular models available for determine soil conditions. Includes charts for more than a hundred different plant types.

8) Whitetail Soil Testing Equipment Kit

Including simple results you can determine for acquiring better food plots, garden areas, and overall fertilization, the Whitetail Soil Tester is an excellent choice for quickly improving soil conditions and saving money on fertilizer.

9) Rapitest 1609CS Soil Tester

A key piece of soil testing equipment for any home gardener, the Luster Leaf 1609CS is a simple color coded tube style kit that shows you precisely how best to adjust soil conditions. Highly accurate. Includes seed starting capability as well.

1) Rapitest 1605 Digital Soil Tester

One of the best pieces of soil testing equipment you can find, the Rapitest digital tester makes home soil tests extremely fast and easy. Including a guideline for fertilization based on the potash, phosphorus, and nitrogen levels of your soil, the Rapitest 1605 Digital Test Kit allows you to quickly push a button to receive your results.

Soil Testing Equipment Buying Guide

There are plenty of different types of soil testing equipment. Most are designed to determine temperature, alkalinity, moisture, and overall quality of the soil. Now, there are more units that include multifunction testing such as 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 capability. The main determining factors for deciding what type of soil testing equipment you need include your level of experience, your ability to quickly make changes in soil conditions, and how easy it will be for you to read a soil interpretation chart. If none of these factors sound interesting or possible to you, it may be time to seek out a professional or take a few classes in environmental and land management.

When picking out soil testing equipment, it’s important to first figure out what types of soil conditions you need to measure. Do you need to know exact ratios of potash, nitrogen, and potassium? If so, you may need an NPK tester. Do you need to determine soil alkalinity and acidity? If so, the PH tester may be best for you.

Ultimately, determining the best type of soil testing equipment depends on your needs, budget, and overall experience in using such equipment for measuring soil conditions.

Types of Soil Testing Equipment

There are a few major types of soil testing equipment. The most common include soil test kits, strips, and meters, while soil thermometers are also another popular type of equipment. You will often find soil gauge charts and acidity or fertilization charts available as part of a soil test kit you might select. Infiltrometers and tensiometers are also important types of soil testers commonly used by more advanced landscapers and farmers. For most home gardeners, soil testing equipment will usually come in the form of soil test kits and meters. This may include probes, digital or analog equipment, or even basic test tube and color coded designs.

Soil Testing Equipment Brands

The primary and most well-known brands of soil testing equipment include Luster Leaf, Generic Tools, Environmental Concepts, MacDoDo, and Lamotte. Each of these brands offers different strengths, with Luster Leaf offering the Rapitest line of products — which offers speed and efficiency at an affordable price . For extremely accurate results, Lamotte and MacDoDo place highly. Generic Tools also offers comparable results, typically scoring in the same levels of accuracy and Luster Leaf.